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Support Rett Syndrome Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness and Jovie.

About Rett Syndrome & Jovie

Rett Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that effects both boys and girls around the world. The mutation on the X Chromosome can cause a variety of different medical issues including epilepsy, loss of hand use, loss of speech, scoliosis, breathing issues, heart issues and much more.

Our daughter Jovie was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome when she was 3 in 2012. One of the biggest challenges she has because of Rett Syndrome, is refractory Epilepsy - which means her Epilepsy is not managed by medication or any other intervention yet. She has had thousands of seizures over the years, currently having at least 3 seizures a day.

Is it our hope to bring awareness to both Rett Syndrome and Epilepsy in any way we can.

Current Awareness Tshirts

Rett Syndrome Awareness Month is October every year. Epilepsy Awareness Day is March 26th each year.

Support us by buying one of our tshirt designs via Bonfire. Profits from the tshirt sales will go towards a much needed wheelchair accessible van for Jovie to safely access our community.

Epilepsy Warrior shirts

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Rett Syndrome Superhero shirts

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I Love Someone With Rett Syndrome shirts

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How does ordering work? Why is it so expensive?
Our tshirts are printed and shipped via an online printing service called Bonfire. We used Bonfire for previous Team Jovie tshirts, and I've found them to be the BEST quality, long lasting and comfortable to wear.

Each tshirt design is called a 'campaign'. Each campaign runs for a set number of days (usually 10 days, to allow for everyone to get an order in) and then Bonfire will print everyone's order and send it out from their end. Please note, each design/campaign ships individually. For example, if you buy a Epilepsy Warrior tshirt and a Rett Syndrome Superhero tshirt, Bonfire ships them out as seperate print jobs and you are charged for 2 shipments. Sorry for the added shipping pricing, but again I've found the Bonfire shirts the best quality and didn't want you to buy an inferior product that didn't last you years of wear.


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