Welcome to Remarkable – a podcast about the families all over the world, who love someone with Rett Syndrome.  

Rett Syndrome is a rare neurodevelopmental, genetic disorder that is caused by mutations on the X chromosome on a gene called MECP2. It causes problems in brain function, and that in turn effects every part of the body – from breathing, to walking, talking, digestion and beyond. There is no current cure for Rett Syndrome.

I will be working with some amazing Rett Syndrome families to bring you the rest of the podcast series closer to October 2019, so I hope you stick around – tell your friends – subscribe and keep in touch. Awareness is built by the community around us, so I thank you for listening and we will be back soon with stories about life with Rett Syndrome.

You can find out more about our family at www.teamjovie.com

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History of Rett

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Life Expectancy

Roadmap to a Cure – Rett Syndrome Research Trust

Understanding the 2007 Reversal (MECP2/Rett Syndrome Reversal – Adrian Bird, Ph.D.)

DONATE – Where to fundraise?
Please consider these few places to help support the research and the families with Rett Syndrome

Rett Syndrome Research Trust – https://reverserett.org/donate/
Rett Syndrome Association of Australia Inc. – https://rettaustralia.org.au/donate/
Telethon Kids Institute Australia – https://rettsyndromeresearch.raisely.com/
Girl Power 2 Cure – https://www.girlpower2cure.org/donate/
Rettland Foundation – http://rettland.org/donate/
RettSyndrome.org – https://www.rettsyndrome.org/get-involved/donate/

Rett Clinics

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