Part 2 of my chat with Mel for the Remarkable podcast.

Again, we had such a great time chatting about everything they’ve experienced with Rett Syndrome. I didn’t know much about clinical trials for Rett Syndrome beforehand, so I’m so glad to have spent the time with Mel and soak in the knowledge she has.

Please remember to check out her blog for more info about their lives with Rett, and check out some of the links below if you’re interested in the clinical trials available where you are.

Links to the topics we discussed:

Atypical Rett Syndrome info

Mel”s Blog – Trail To A Texas Trial –

Girl Power 2 Cure – Active and Anticipated 2019 Rett Syndrome Drug Trials
Blog posts about Clinical Trials

U.S. National Library of Medicine –

Acadia Pharmaceuticals – Trofinetide – Rett Syndrome info

Neuren Pharmaceuticals – Trofinetide (also known as NNZ-2566) in Rett Syndrome

Rettland Foundation – family support

Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame – Dame Margaret Brimble
Brimble Group
Dame Margaret Brimble

Bruce E. Maryanoff – Topiramate


Let me know what you think about the Remarkable podcast and these amazing Rett Syndrome families.



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