Caroline and I have actually known each other for a few years but this was the time first we sat down to talk about how Rett Syndrome has effected her daughter Charlotte and how her divorce has changed their family dynamics. 

This is Part 1 of our talk – I didn’t want to edit out anything as we both felt that someone in the same position as Caroline would benefit from hearing what she had to say. 

Links to the topics we discussed in this episode: 

Elizabeth Halford – Grace for Rett

Tracey Hoyng – (my blog!) (Our Rett Syndrome diagnosis etc) (Archive)

Resources for Siblings
Siblings Australia
Sibling Support Project
Growing up with a special needs sibling
20+ Books about Siblings with Disabilities
Self care ideas for parents
Exercising to relax
Realistic Self-Care Tips for Special Needs Parents –
Stress Management for Parents of Special Needs Children –

Justine Clark

Dr Helen Leonard

AGOSCI Conference – a group within Australia that explores resources for Complex Communication Needs




Let me know what you think about the Remarkable podcast and these amazing Rett Syndrome families. 



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