Episodes of Remarkable will be released Tuesdays & Thursdays throughout October 2019!

My name is Tracey and my daughter Jovie is 10, and lives with Rett Syndrome.

Each year for Rett Syndrome Awareness Month in October, families all over the world like to do what they can to bring awareness to Rett Syndrome.

Rett Syndrome Awareness video for 2018

Over the years, I’ve made graphics with Rett Syndrome information on it, and I’ve even made 2 YouTube videos about Rett and Jovie. So this year, I wanted to do more – and thought that a podcast would be the perfect way to talk to the families from around the world who love someone with Rett Syndrome too.

Rett Syndrome Awareness video for 2017

So after a busy 6 week time frame, I was gratefully joined by a bunch of Remarkable Rett Syndrome families and was able to talk to them about their Rett Syndrome journey so far.

I’ve learnt so much along the way – not only how to pull together a podcast (lol) but so much about how Rett Syndrome is different (and the same) between each of us.

One day you will tell your story of how you’ve overcome what you’re going through now, and it will become part of someone else’s survival guide.

Please help us spread awareness about Rett Syndrome by sharing the podcast, subscribing to it, sharing this website, liking and sharing our Facebook and Instagram posts – not only during October but throughout the year.

I hope you enjoy the podcast, I’ve had so much great interest in it, that possibly I might be back with semi-regular episodes! There are so many more families and professionals that I didn’t get a chance in talking to this time around, so stay tuned!