Males with Rett Syndrome

Males with Rett Syndrome | Boys with Rett Syndrome When you Google search “males with Rett” some of the first medical sites that come up still state that males with Rett do not survive past birth. Some sites have recently added things like “except for a rare few”.

This collage was put together by just some of the families of males. There are more. We are more than just a few.

Colin's mum, Kate

Here are some links with updated information about Rett Syndrome and males
The Boys of Rett | Reverse Rett
Boys With Rett Syndrome Support And Education (Facebook group)

If you are looking for more information about boys and men with Rett Syndrome, please reach out to the families that are on Facebook and are here to support you.

Rett Syndrome Awareness by Team Jovie
Watch Remarkable: Life with Rett Syndrome (2020) on YouTube that features 9 Rett Syndrome families